One day we won’t have to call it a “spiritual business”. Until then, there’s Soul Ventures.

Overcome Your Fears

Soul Ventures

Soul Ventures is a 9-week online program for soul-aware entrepreneurs and leaders who want to see clearly and lead with confidence.

Finally Break Free

Move Beyond Your Limitations

Designed for leaders of all kinds, this intensive program fuses the power of intuitive advising and classic business development to help you overcome challenges that block your progress. Starting and growing your dream takes a great deal of courage. If you don’t understand your internal blocks, you will remain stagnant.
This program can reveal your hidden fears and fast-track your business and personal ambitions. As a spiritual advisor and founder of Sanahalili, I have already helped dozens of leaders, their companies, and organizations break through major blocks and can help you do the same.

Learn to Lead and Live Boldly

In this workshop you will:

  • Deepen your self-knowledge through astrology, enneagram, and intuitive coaching sessions.
  • Learn how to recognize the difference between your fear and intuition.
  • Understand how to lead with your unique power signature.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of your purpose and how it relates to your venture.
  • Enhance your toolbox for overcoming frustrating challenges.
  • Know how to lead as your whole, authentic self.

Who is this for?

Is Soul Ventures Right for Me?

SoulVentures is for entrepreneurs, activists, and changemakers who are tired of staying small, confronting the same challenges over and over again, or sacrificing their authentic expression just to build their businesses.


Whether you run a service-based business for just yourself, employing hundreds of people, or sell candles in a family business, Soul Ventures can help you clear blocks so you and your business can grow. 

Organizational Leaders

You lead a Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental, or community organization. People count on you to make politically difficult decisions. Soul Ventures can help you navigate these demands and keep your authentic sense of self.

Business Leaders

As a corporate warrior, you are often called to initiate new projects. You have to help your team maneuver between the needs of the company, clients, and their individual needs. Soul Ventures will give you the spiritual tools to reach your career goals and keep your peace of mind.

“No matter the industry or vocation, success in this era requires authentic, aligned leaders who have the courage to build communities that work for everyone.”

About Me

Ava St. Claire

Like many many others, I’ve experienced incredibly traumatic and difficult upheavals in my life. I eventually learned these irrational events were part of my own spiritual awakening. They were meant to drop me further into the depths of my soul. But I had no guidance. No sense of direction.

In my experience as a business advisor, urban developer, and years as a community activist in Chicago’s southside, I’ve learned challenges like these are common among spiritual practitioners and people who are intended to lead. I’ve assisted entrepreneurs and change-makers in self-healing by helping them make sense of bewildering life events. We worked together by ordering, listening, and shape-shifting their stories into fuel that moved them from victims to victors.

Soul Ventures is a foundational course. It marries years of my work in business development and spiritual sciences. Together we can create a community for each other for guidance and support people on the leadership path. While the great awakenings in our lives are meant to be challenging, I believe love and compassion can go a long way in encouraging healers and leaders to continue doing their best work.

Course Outcomes

What you get from Soul Ventures


Get crystal clear on the forces that drive you to succeed. Understand what it means to find a fulfilling, aligned career path.

Deep Coaching

Close, one-on-one spiritual advisory sessions with me. Uncover deep spiritual blocks and ancestral patterns.


Finally, know what is in and out of your control. Walk away with a concrete plan you can actually use.

Course Breakdown

Core Curriculum

There are 9 core learning modules that include 3, 1.5-hour spiritual advisory sessions and 5 intimate, group sessions to help you break through chronic challenges.



Assessment: Leaders are asked to take an assessment that includes their astrological birth chart, Enneagram, Energy Signature, and questions about their business. 

Homework: Understanding Your Intentions. Make an appointment for your first one-on-one. Ava assesses your astrological birth chart, enneagram, and energy signature.



(Private Session with Ava)

One on One: Spiritual advising session with Ava to understand why certain blocks and challenges keep coming up.

You make a plan that will inform the rest of your goals in the program



Group: Learn the difference between fear and intuition. Get in touch with your own intuitive voice so that you can better know which choices you need to make. Lessons in discernment and navigating disagreements at home and at work.

Homework: Accessing your dreams with Pythia at Delphi



Group: Discover your power signature/type and how to leverage your genius to grow your business.

Self-assessment and lecture.

Homework: Where is Oshun? Honoring the power of your own love.



(Private Session with Ava)

One on One Session: Leveraging your power type to create boundaries and build an environment that supports it. How to stand up confidently in your own power. Use your unique genius to become the superstar you’ve always wanted to be.

Homework: Building your personal Empire



(Private Session with Ava)

One on One Session: Understanding your values, beliefs, and how they stack up with the processes and systems you set up for your business and team.

Homework: Business as devotion



Group. How to make decisions and follow through. Learning the difference between choices, decisions, and commitments to become your authentic self. Understanding how these changes will impact your home and business life.

Homework: The Authentic Leader



Group.  Identify and leverage the shadow self to overcome obstacles. Use it in the first challenge you set for yourself. 

Homework: Shadow Dancer



(Private Session with Ava)

One on One: Integrating, planning the next course of action and facing your fear.

Closing Ceremony.

Homework: Take the next 3 steps forward

Moving Forward

Soul Ventures helps people at all stages of their business development get crystal clear about the forces that drive them to succeed.
Identifying these forces helps leaders to build a fulfilling career that is truly aligned with their authentic selves. No should’s or have to’s. No hustle culture b.s. just a high-definition picture of the big Why.
Overcome your fear of adversity. Break free of chronic patterns and finally see yourself for what is truly means to the world.

“…taking a beautifully spiritual approach to leadership and success…”

How much is Tuition?

Tuition & Fees

Normal pricing for this course is $2950.

This fall, I am offering founding members tuition of $1400. Only 10 seats available for the course.

Founding Member

$1400 One Time

Founding Member

$475 Monthly

Regular Price

$1750 One Time

Regular Price

$675 Monthly