Our Advisors

Experienced coaches for inspired living.

Ava St. Claire.

Ava has assisted entrepreneurs and change-makers in self-healing by helping them make sense of bewildering life events. By swimming in the depths alongside her clients, she has mastered the art of transforming stories of victimhood into fuel for victory.

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People power has always been the most important resource in change-making. This era is no different. We are looking to build good relationships with compassionate, highly capable leaders from all vocations. We intend to forge connections with friends and allies that will further the vision of a more spiritually aware society.

  • To Love: Connect emotionally and spiritually
  • To Build: Establish financially sustainable living systems
  • To Share: Companionship along the way
  • To Empower: Encourage each other to dream and be our best selves.

Our leaders take responsibility for their personal growth. They courageously confront challenges for themselves and others. They nurture and protect others in their care and initiate projects for good causes.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to connect!