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Amplifying Unique Voices

Sanahalili Press is seeking to publish a diversity of perspectives in the occult, noetics, healing, metaphysical arts and sciences.

Live Courses

Teach your live course without the hassle of setting up your own website. Or sell it as an evergreen product.


We can layout and submit your book for distribution on Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP),


Not just for audiobooks. Think short-form stories, meditations, and ASMR. Whatever you can imagine.


And yes, we love the classic format as well. Upload, manage and distribute your book in your personal dashboard.

Live Courses

Just Show Up & Teach

Publishing courses makes us a unique partner. We provide the platform, socially and technically to help quality practitioners and thought leaders reach as many seekers as possible.

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A home for your spiritual knowledge

There are few publishers dedicated to developing diverse perspectives in the metaphysical arts & sciences with credibility and high-quality distribution.

We are looking to publish media that helps spiritual seekers at all levels and backgrounds grow as an individual, develop a new understanding, or find joy on the spiritual path.

Our favorite content is intimate and vulnerable. Whether your work is a creative expression of ancient wisdom or a completely new concept, we look forward to adding it to our marketplace.